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Success: Lunch and Learns on Photography

presentationAs I posted previously, in order to sharpen my presentation skills I offered a lunch and learn series at work to teach co-workers on how to take better photography.  I got quite a response back, in fact I had to break it into 4 different session.

I finished up the all the sessions and asked attendants to rate my performance.  I got great reviews so I would say it was a success.   Co-workers now want me to put on a field trip lunch and learn now when the weather gets warmer.  It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot as well.


Polishing my presentation skills

presentationI always admired people who could get in front of large audiences and speak with great authority…   I am not ashamed to say that being a good orator has never been a strong skill of mine.  I always had to work at it and even with work, it still pales in comparison to people who can really inspire with a speech.   Watching a guy like Simon Sinek talk about how great leaders inspire people into action, I often wonder if he knows he has the very same qualities of the leaders he is speaking of.  I highly recommend you take a few minutes, sit back and watch his speech.  It fascinated me.

To that end, I think Ux designers need a certain ability to at least present in a clear and precise fashion.  We are after all facilitators at our core right?  My progress into Ux at work might be slow and prodding, but that doesn’t mean I cant take every opportunity I can to polish the skills I need to be a good Ux designer.

Two weeks ago I sent out an email to my office, offering to host a lunch and learn on how to take better pictures.  In the email, I specify I would offer both a basic and advanced class.  The basic would cover some bare essentials that anyone can apply and it was geared towards point and shoot and phone camera users.  The advanced class would cover DSLRs with the specific task of getting users off of the auto modes and into the creative modes.

I was quite shocked at the response.  I got so many wanting to take the basic class I had to break it into 3 separate lunch and learns.  I finished up the presentation and I am ready to give the classes next week.  I’m excited, of course it helps that I am passionate about photography.  Ever thinking of Ux as I give the classes, I intend to use the opportunity to do some user testing on my performance in the form of surveys at the end.

Stay tuned.. I will let you know how they go.