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12 minutes of learning

Hello word!

When i was a kid, i loved cars.  I grew up with cars.  My father used to race, illegally on the street, which you could get away with back then but not so much these days.  You can’t outrun a radio, and with all the drivers on the road it’s just plain dangerous.  But before I get off track, let’s get back to the story at hand.   To this day I am still a car fanatic.  I go to the drag strip and to car shows.   I am even putting a car show on this year to benefit the dog rescue I volunteer for.

So when the opportunity came to redesign a car race/show event web site i thought it would be a great opportunity to put it through the ux process.  One of the research tactics used, probably the most important one at that, is contextual inquiry.  I had the opportunity to interview someone that both attends the event and frequents the website and even though the setting wasnt optimal (people were coming into his house) I felt the opportunity couldn’t be passed up.

It’s quite amazing the valuable information you can learn from a quick 12 minute user test.

I will be performing several more before analyzing my data and moving on to prototyping.  Stay tuned for more updates.