About Me

My real passion is user interaction design. I love the challenge of tackling complex problems with well designed user interfaces. It is fun to experiment and push the envelope to see what newer UI/UX theories can be applied to solve these problems. I have 15 years experience building web sites and I am enjoying the renaissance in our field thanks to tablets and smart phones. Responsive design has changed the game and frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation help us to achieve rapid deployment of fully responsive websites.

My other passion is photography which I believe goes hand-in-hand with design. Having an appreciation for beautiful photography and understanding what makes a great shot has helped translate into producing better looking web sites.

As a project leader I help drive various IT projects to completion by gathering requirements, working across departments and facilitation with developers. I believe my relationship with people helps me excel with working in challenging environments or environments where mediation is required. I also pride myself in being adaptable and can work on several large projects at once.


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