Killing Two Birds?

with-titleI have a portfolio site that I have not touched in quite sometime.  It is also very Design oriented and not so much a Ux portfolio which is more centered around Ux process and stories.

I recently joined a great Ux community at ( ) and they seemed very engaging and interacting.  I had a great idea.. why not use the forums as a mock-ux team and have them help me take my new portfolio site through the Ux process.

This allows me to both learn more about how others and their Ux processes, and at the same time working towards a goal of creating a great portfolio for myself.  So far it has been very fun and engaging.  We have had a strategy kickoff meeting and we are now in the research phase.

Feel free to follow along if you like.  It might be very helpful if you are like me and new to the ux process.

Stage 1 – Kickoff

Stage 2 – Research


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