Its been awhile

Your humble narrator apologizes for not writing a post recently.  Life and work have been kicking my butt.   That aside, let me give a few updates on my journey.

I am taking an online course through UDEMY that came very well recommended by other Ux practitioners on the forums.   The class is called “User Experience – The Ultimate Guide To Usability” by Dr. David Travis.   Let me just say, the course is fantastic.  The amount of knowledge I have learned already is priceless and I am only 50% complete.  For the price, I believe it was $250, it is beyond a bargain.

I highly recommend it if you are like me and looking to learn more about the Ux process.  I was proud to say I aced my first mid-term exam without looking at notes hehe.  Of course the exams are just for fun, but glad its sticking.  Dr. Travis is very well spoken and explains the process in great detail.

The area of Ux that gives me the most pause is the analyzing data phase.  I am a pretty visual guy, so the various statistics that you need to process for both analyzing data received and for measurement of success is going to be a learning process.

I will report back when I finish the class.


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